Full body workout

Your arms. Your legs. Your core. It's all fair game as I develop customized, interchangeable routines that maximize efficiency at a rate with which you are comfortable.


Fitness is a conversation

Conversation is key to any successful workout program. Whether you are looking to get back into the groove or simply up-the-ante on a current routine, your journey to success doesn’t have to be alone. Tell me what you are looking for, and together we will make it happen.


Measured to You

ExeraFitness believes in training your body to make incremental improvements that last for a lifetime. In the same way that no two bodies are alike, no two workouts can be alike.


Success happens

Be assessed in a format designed for you in order to see the results you want.
And keep.


Where your "ughs" turn to "ahhs"

The right equipment.
The right coach.
The right approach.


It’s a simple formula and one that I have perfected over time. The ability to monitor a client and know when to push and when to pull is vital to our overall success. Anyone can make a workout difficult. Making a workout challenging yet fun, effective yet safe, takes talent. Sessions are tailored to the client and include various levels of core exercises, free-weights, TRx suspension straps, and assorted tension bands. We are in this together. We Work. We Sweat. We Laugh. You Succeed. It’s that simple!

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You see a mat.
I see a magic carpet.

All sessions are not alike. And that's a good thing. Master techniques vital to building strength, flexibility and overall body tone from the inside out. Increase stamina and endurance on a daily basis... prevent injuries for years to come. ExeraFitness allows for the opportunity to relax, forget about time and return to daily life feeling revitalized. Calm your mind. Feed your soul. Transform your body.

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No Classes with Masses of Asses.

Your place or mine. Or someplace in between! I'll make it convenient for you and work around your schedule. Your time is valuable, and I get it. ExeraFitness is not about large sessions where you get a fraction of a trainer's time. In fact, ExeraFitness is all about, and only about, YOU.

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About Wendy

Wendy Feldman

She lives what she loves. She loves what she lives: a commitment to and passion for a balanced life of confidence, fitness, health and wellness. With a degree in Nutrition from UC Berkeley, certification in indoor Spinning class instruction, certification via Institute for Integrative Nutrition and currently completing the Personal Training Certification Program via Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA), Wendy works 1:1 with clients guiding them to define, refine and reach their lifestyle/fitness goals. “Each session pinpoints strength, flexibility, power, balance, and precision. Increasing performance in each of these areas is key for bodies to function at maximum potential in everyday life.”

For more than 5 years, Wendy has instructed barre classes at studios throughout the East Bay. “As a personal trainer, I have witnessed major changes in my client’s physiques and played an integral part in the overall success of attaining their goals. Teaching is an art, born from passion. There is no greater joy to me than when a client walks in and tells me they are now wearing sleeveless tops and dresses for the first time in 15 years. Brava!”

In her spare time, Wendy is a mom of three teenagers, road cyclist, education volunteer, and most currently compiling data for an upcoming book.


I love working with Wendy because I get a purposeful workout with a personal touch Jennifer, 51

Within weeks I saw results. Real results. I feel strong, energized and more confident than I have in 30 years. I'm in better shape today than I was when I was 20. Kristin, 50

After just 5 sessions with Wendy, the increased core strength, flexibility and endurance I achieved translated into noticeably better performance on the bike and on the trail. Increased performance with less time out there? I’ll take it. Eric, 44

After my first session with Wendy I knew I wouldn't be able to quit! The level of intensity is amazing and brings me back every time. One hour with Wendy is the perfect ‘break’ so I can be more productive on homework. Riley, 16

Let's do this!

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